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HolidayExpres have been created to provide something special for holidaymakers. Our mission is simple. We would like to supply an affordable service for both guests and hosts on the holiday rental market.

We all would like to escape from everyday tasks, in order to enjoy a different reality, and make unforgettable memories. You might feel like you are stuck in your daily routine and need to see a different picture. We all love discover new places, meet new people and experiences.


“Live your life by a compass not a clock. Though not always possible, a life lived by a compass is a lot more adventurous.“

I love travelling myself as well, but it could be very frustrating when you have to pay significant amount of commission for holiday suppliers. It often could be 20% of your cost. How much different it would be if you just pay 10% of commission at the end of your bill?

We will offer excellent, competitive commission rate in order to accept more guests then our competitors. Nevertheless to say, that everyone will be in a win-win position.


HolidayExpres is committed to providing quality and unique service for both guests and hosts. I believe, we can do it together. Visit us and book your holiday or register on today.

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